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1955-1982 GM NOS 1563032 Right Angle Speedometer Adapter Short Compact Chevy

Corvette Series:Not Corvette
C1 1953-1962
C2 1963-1967
C3 1968-1982
Part Brand:General Motors
Manufacturer:General Motors
GM Group Number:4.337
Manufacturer Part #:1563032
Casting Number:1563032
Casting Date:1955-1982
Interchange Part #:Chevrolet, Chevy, Corvette
Placement Details:On Transmission Speedo Cable
Surface Finish:Cadmium Plated
Manufactured In:United States
Qty Available:51
$79.00 USD
+ $11 USD Shipping Continental US

This is a NOS, (New Old Stock, GM Discontinued, No Longer Available), Original GM Speedometer, (Speedo), 90 Degree Adapter, (Right Angle Adapter), used on many General Motors, (GM), Cars and Trucks, (GM Part Number 1563032, GM Group Number 4.337). This 1:1 adapter, (no reduction or increase in speed), will require the drive key with the round insert with a tang to go into the adapter at the transmission end, input end with the nut, (sold separately), and it accepts the standard square speedometer cable with the nut at transmission end.

This is just the right part for you when your speedo cable doesn't want to make a tight bend to the transmission, like in Corvettes and Camaros where the tunnel is tight. Also fits many other Chevrolet, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Cadillac vehicles as well as some Ford, Chrysler and other vehicles. Do your own research to verify correct fit. "Keep Your GM Car All GM!" Search the "Transmission, Driveline, Axle" section of our Tracy Performance Corvette Parts eBay Store for a similar speedo adapter.

Vehicle Applications:
1982 Chev/Pont/Olds/Buick Car and Truck  
1981 Chev/Pont/Olds/Buick Car and Truck  
1980 Chev/Pont/Olds/Buick Car and Truck  
1979 Chev/Pont/Olds/Buick Car and Truck  
1978 Chev/Pont/Olds/Buick Car and Truck  
1977 Chev/Pont/Olds/Buick Car and Truck  
1976 Chev/Pont/Olds/Buick Car and Truck  
1975 Chev/Pont/Olds/Buick Car and Truck  
1974 Chev/Pont/Olds/Buick Car and Truck  
1973 Chev/Pont/Olds/Buick Car and Truck  
1972 Chev/Pont/Olds/Buick Car and Truck  
1971 Chev/Pont/Olds/Buick Car and Truck  
1970 Chev/Pont/Olds/Buick Car and Truck  
1969 Chev/Pont/Olds/Buick Car and Truck  
1968 Chev/Pont/Olds/Buick Car and Truck  
1967 Chev/Pont/Olds/Buick Car and Truck  
1966 Chev/Pont/Olds/Buick Car and Truck  
1965 Chev/Pont/Olds/Buick Car and Truck  
1964 Chev/Pont/Olds/Buick Car and Truck  
1963 Chev/Pont/Olds/Buick Car and Truck  
1962 Chev/Pont/Olds/Buick Car and Truck  
1961 Chev/Pont/Olds/Buick Car and Truck  
1960 Chev/Pont/Olds/Buick Car and Truck  
1959 Chev/Pont/Olds/Buick Car and Truck  
1958 Chev/Pont/Olds/Buick Car and Truck  
1957 Chev/Pont/Olds/Buick Car and Truck  
1956 Chev/Pont/Olds/Buick Car and Truck  
1955 Chev/Pont/Olds/Buick Car and Truck  

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