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1966-79 Chevrolet Truck Used 3947709 Bellhousing Bell Housing 366/427/454 67 68

Corvette Series:Not Corvette
Part Brand:GM, General Motors
Manufacturer:General Motors
GM Group Number:0.683
Manufacturer Part #:3947709
Casting Number:3947709
Casting Date:1966-1979
Placement Details:Between Engine & Transmission
Surface Finish:Used
Manufactured In:United States
This Item is Currently Unavailable

This is for One Good Used Original Chevrolet and GMC Truck Cast Iron Bellhousing, (Bell Housing), (GM Casting Part Number 3947709, GM Group Number 0.683), for 1966 66 1967 67 1968 68 1969 69 1970 70 1971 71 1972 72 1973 73 1974 74 1975 75 1976 76 1977 77 1978 78 1979 79 Heavy Duty Trucks. It is in excellent used original condition with no cracks, no welds, no repairs and none needed. It may also fit other vehicles, but do your own research to verify proper fit.  See our other eBay listings for other bell housings and Chevrolet scatter shields as we have about 300 more bell housings.  This is probably for dump trucks, grain trucks, semi-tractors and similar vehicles. This has an approximate transmission pilot hole of 5 1/8" in diameter or about 5.11". Verify that this is the exact part you need before purchasing.
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