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79-80 Temperature Sender 8993372 Sensor - Coolant

Manufacturer:General Motors
Manufacturer Part #:8993372
Casting Number:8993372
Interchange Part #:8993372
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$15.00 USD
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This temperature sending unit converts engine temperature into electrical resistance, thereby producing a corresponding gauge reading. This variable resistance sending unit is used in vehicles having gauges (not warning/idiot lights). NOTE: Vehicles with warning lights should not use this sending unit. Those vehicles require a temperature sending "switch" that is either in an on or off state. Do NOT use Teflon tape, pipe dope or any other sealant when installingSimply screw it in dry. Adding anything onto the sending unit's threads may cause your gauge to read incorrectly. Electrical components suchas sensors are Non-returnable parts.

Always refer to a factory service manual when diagnosing engine service problems. You can damage electrical components if the proper procedures are not followed. Be sure you are replacing the correct part.


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