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November 2016 VETTE Mecum Indy Corvette Grand Sport Alloway Hot Rod Shop 1962

November 2016 VETTE MAGAZINE


  • Building a Mod Rod C3 with Chevy's Top Performing Powerplant
  • Alloway's Hot Rod Shop Badass 1962
  • Travis Ray's Fire Breathing Twin Turbo Drag Week Vette
  • 1960 Corvette Turquoise Terror
  • Zora Arkus Duntov and his team built 5 Unique Corvettes in 1962 that Terrorized the Ford Cobras
  • Mecum Indy 2016

Good Condition, normal wear from storage, use and handling.

Item #:13741
GM Group Number:24.000
Surface Finish:paper
Manufactured In:United States
Qty Available:1
Retail Price:$17.00
Shipping Price:$6.00 (Continental US)

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Mod Rod C3 Chevy Top Performing Powerplant Alloway Hot Rod Shop Badass 1962 Travis Ray Fire Breathing Twin Turbo Drag Week Vette 1960 Corvette Turquoise Terror Zora Arkus Duntov team built 5 Unique Corvettes 1962 Ford Cobras Mecum Indy 2016