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August 2003 Vette American Mid-Year Society Orlando NCRS Winter Regional 25 Year

August 2003 Vette Magazine

  • Corvette Clubs
  • Husband and wife C5s hit the road with Texas Sized performance
  • Once a Racer Always a Racer Track Veteran Stingray
  • Modified 1975
  • 1964 Tanker Fuelie Twice
  • Orlando NCRS Winter Regional celebrates its 25th Anniversary
  • American Mid-Year Society meets to enjoy sun and Sting Rays

Good Condition, has wear from use, age and handling.

Item #:13411
Surface Finish:paper
Manufactured In:United States
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Shipping Price:$6.00 (Continental US)

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Corvette Clubs Husband wife C5s Texas Sized performance Racer Track Veteran Stingray Modified 1975 1964 Tanker Fuelie Twice Orlando NCRS Winter Regional 25th Anniversary American Mid-Year Society Sting Rays