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March 2003 Vette Chris Porter's Ram Jet 350 Sting Ray Hot Rod Power Tour

March 2003 Vette Magazine

  • He lost his first Vette to youthful exuberance now he's got a street and track C4 pair
  • This Stingray was all but a goner before becoming a big block brute
  • Even a mid year fuelie can improve over time
  • Yacht like luxury and a speedboat fast powertrain converge in this unique 1954
  • It may look like basic black but it packs 422 cubes and runs 9 second quarters
  • Star Spangled Funfest
  • Cruisin' for a Cure Southern California
  • Hot Rod Power Tour

Good Condition, has wear from use, age and handling.

Item #:13341
Surface Finish:paper
Manufactured In:United States
Qty Available:1
Retail Price:$17.00
Shipping Price:$6.00 (Continental US)

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