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February 2003 Vette Carlisle Callaway ZR-1/LM John Greenwood Andy Pilgrim C5-R

February 2003 Vette Magazine

  • Once upon a time John Greenwood brought track-bred ideas to street-going Corvettes
  • Guldstrand Grand Sport 90
  • Doug Rippie's C5s combine Corvette refinement with Viper-stomping performance
  • Callaway Cars built a single ZR-1 based LM here it is in its carbon-fiber glory
  • Corvette Carlisle
  • Third-Gens take center stage at the NCM's 8th annual Labor Day Celebration
  • Streets of San Bernardino overflowing at Route 66 Rendezvous
  • C5-R pilot Andy Pilgrim settle the car vs bike debate
  • New Z06 coast to coast drive home
  • Racing series is for Vette pilots who lack GM-sized pocketbooks

Good Condition, has wear from use, age and handling.

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