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October 1998 VETTE 1999 Corvette Hardtop C5 1965 ZR-1 Trans-Am Racing

October 1998 Vette Magazine
  • Two C5s take aim at conquering Trans-Am racing in 1998
  • Cruising the Maui countryside in two modified solid axles
  • Softnose fun behind the wheel of a 1974 350/195-hp convertible
  • Speeding into the low 12s with a 465-hp 1987 convertible
  • Comparing the attributes of each generation Corvette
  • Track-testing the new, exciting quick 1999 hardtop C5
  • 1965 ZR-1 - Hot rodding a vintage Sting Ray coupe with modern ZR-1 components
  • Classic Auto Air Manufacturing, the source for non-factory A/C systems and OEM restoration
  • George Barris' famous 1963 Corvette custom appears in the sun again
  • The best cam selections on the market for your 1965-74 big-block
  • The benefits of sleeving brake calipers with stainless steel
  • Part 1 of our new illustrated series on great Corvette engines

Good Condition, normal wear from storage, age and handling.

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