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July 1998 VETTE 1998 & 1995 Pace Cars 1971 LS5 Stingray Dave Walters Restoration

July 1998 Vette Magazine
  • Who says an 1984 Vette can't run 9s with mufflers, a 10-inch lockup converter and the stock IRS rear?
  • The rewarding satisfaction of owning a 1971 LS5 Stingray
  • The North Mississippi Corvette Club's annual autocrossing speed fair
  • Radical Roadsters - Comparing the colorful 1998 and 1995 Pace Cars
  • Restoring a 1960 solid axle with late model engine technology
  • The Corvette Anthology on CD-ROM
  • Dave Walters' Florida Corvette Restoration facility
  • 409 Power - Stroking the LT1 to the nines with 409 cubes and 523 hp
  • The latest high-tech cooling system that increases power while limiting detonation
  • McLeod's new high-torque, dual-disc clutch assembly
  • How to install Flowmaster's new, aggressive sounding C5 mufflers
  • How to refinish your Corvette with modern paint products

Good Condition, normal wear from storage, age and handling.

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