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February 1998 Vette Killer Callaways 1969 Stingray Restoration

February 1998 Vette Magazine
  • A behind the scenes look at the making of the C5
  • Reeves Callaway - Famed car builder discusses his C5 for both road and track
  • One hardtop, one convertible: two Callaway cruise missiles built to push the performance envelope to the edge
  • One of the fastest production cars of its time, thanks to a pair of Callaway installed turbos
  • Multiple visits to Callaway make this SuperNatural ZR-1 a private collector's masterpiece
  • The Callaway Combo - More cubes, a reinforced suspension and larger brakes shape this 1996 LT4 Grand Sport into a total performance street machine
  • Celebrating the holiday season with 240 tiny Corvettes
  • Through the lights and around the cones, a record breaking 400 Corvettes make Vette Day the biggest to date
  • 1998 Corvette Indy Pace Car
  • Restoration perfection is why this 1969 350/300-hp Stingray won the most coveted NCRS award
  • Rebuilding early brake calipers to last
  • How to repair backup lights on midyears
  • Upgrading our 1971 Stingary with a Richmond 6-Speed for better driveability
  • 6-Speeds to go - Alternative gearboxes to replace the dreaded 4+3
  • Exploring the world of BFGoodrich performance tires for that added edge in competition

Good Condition, normal wear from storage, age and handling.

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