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November 1997 Vette 1998 C5 Convertible C4 Stockers Shootout Bloomington's 25th

November 1997 Vette Magazine
  • Tips on what to look for so you don't get burned
  • Living a racer's dream with a D & D Grand Sport replica
  • Ragtop Racers - Comparing the performance of three lightly modified C4s down the quarter mile
  • A hardworking couple find the 1959 of their dreams and rebuild it to drive
  • Celebrating Bloomington Gold's 25th Anniversary
  • On the road in the sensational 1998 C5 Convertible
  • One man's vision of the next Corvette C6
  • Cooperstown 1997 - Not even the forces of Mother Nature can scare away loyal Corvette drivers
  • Inside Holley, where carburetors are made
  • California Screamin' - On a sun free Sunday, Corvettes still sparkled in Manhattan Beach
  • If your Corvette was sold new in Canada, you can get its history free from GM of Canada
  • The proper method to repair a broken trans case
  • How to maintain driveshafts and halfshafts for maximum performance
  • Restoring the glimmer of our 1985 Coupe with fresh paint
  • The advantages of using spacer plates under your carburetor
  • How to install modern ignition in a vintage Vette

Good Condition, normal wear from storage, age and handling.

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