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August 1997 Vette 1968-1976 Shark Years Big-Blocks Galore L88 LS4 LS5

August 1997 Vette Magazine
  • Grand Sporting - It's the little things that set this 1996 Corvette Convertible apart from the rest
  • 1968-1976 - Nine years of Stingray greatness
  • Restoring the thunder of a 1968 427/430-hp L88 Stingray
  • Looks aren't deceiving with this radical, 454 powered 1972 Coupe
  • The glory days never faded away for this SCCA National Championship 1962 Corvette
  • A woman's touch made the restoration of this 1967 Coupe better than most
  • Long Island Corvette Supply
  • New aluminum cylinder heads for small-blocks add 70-plus easy horsepower
  • How to repair rusted framerails on all 1963-1982 Corvettes
  • Make your Corvette run cooler and perform better with a high flow aluminum radiator installation
  • Narrowing a midyear rear to make room for wider wheels and bigger tires
  • Rebuilding the 700-R4 automatic transmission to shift quicker while providing snappier performance

Good Condition, normal wear from storage, age and handling.

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