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June 1997 Vette Cross Fired Tweaked L83 Performer LT1s LT4 LT5 1961 SCCA

Surface Finish:paper
Manufactured In:United States
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June 1997 Vette Magazine

  • 1961/1962 SCCA B/Production champion built by Gulf Oil returns
  • 1976 L48 Corvette gift that never was
  • Canadian Cross-Fire - Proving the Cross-Fire's worth with a worked 1984 L83
  • Chips, scratches and faded paint make this all original 1957 endearingly unique
  • Stroked and poked LT1, LT4 and LT5 meet up with a juiced LT1 to see which combo rules supreme
  • LT-1 performance provides the push that makes this 1966 midyear fly
  • Cruising through Napa Valley in a 1996 LT1 Convertible
  • Inside Carroll Supercharging, where supercharger installations and remapped computers spell fast Corvettes
  • One man's homemade quarter-scale 1957 solid axle model made of wood
  • The installation of a Flowmaster exhaust, Tokico shocks and a repainted roof moves our 1985 project car closer to completion

Good Condition, normal wear from storage, age and handling.

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