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1967-68 Chevy 350 3892690 RARE Forged Big Journal Crankshaft Fresh Grd 030R/010M

Corvette Series:Not Corvette
Part Brand:General Motors
Manufacturer:General Motors
GM Group Number:0.646
Manufacturer Part #:3892690 3912335
Casting Number:3892690 2690
Casting Date:1967
Interchange Part #:3912335
Placement Details:Inside Engine
Surface Finish:Cleaned, Reground & Polished
Manufactured In:United States
Qty Available:1
$1149.00 USD
+ $86 USD Shipping Continental US

This is for a Freshly Reground and Polished Original GM 3892690 2690 Very, Very Rare 350 5.7 Liter Small Block Chevy Chevrolet Forged (Big), Large Journal Crankshaft with a Professionally Done .030 Rods/ .010 Mains, Undergrind and Polish Job, (Forging Number 3892690, GM Group Number 0.646). This is correct for the famous 1967 ONLY 350 Camaro big large journal block engines. This is drilled and tapped on the front to provide for the installation of a balancer bolt and washer, (available at extra cost if needed). We can also provide a matching set of rod and main bearings for an additional $110 if desired. This will also work for other large journal blocks to produce the 3.48" stroke BJ forged crankshaft. If you prefer a .010/.010 freshly ground crank, please see our other listings in our "Engines, Compartment Parts" Category. This is NOT the more common 350 3.48" stroke 1182 forged crank or the very common 442 cast 350 crankshafts which we also sell for a LOT LOWER price.

This crank has a different weight and is balanced different than the other 350 crankshafts. We call it the "lightweight forged 350 crank". A matching set of rod and main bearings are available at $110 extra if desired. We also have the rare matching block available at extra cost. We have most other Chevrolet forged steel and cast iron V-8 cranks coming in other listings as we have approximately 5000 cranks in stock! Look in our "Engines, Compartment Parts" Category. Please save us as one of your favorite eBay Chevy Parts Sellers. "Keep Your GM Car All GM!" This item can be picked up at our Corvette Parts and Service Center, Tracy Performance, 29069 Calahan Road, Roseville, Michigan 48066-1805, (just Northeast of Detroit), to save shipping costs.

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Vehicle Applications:
1967 Chevrolet Camaro 350 

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