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1957-1991 Chevy Weiand NEW 7546 Small Block Intake Manifold 283 327 350 400 SBC

This is for a New Old Stock, Discontinued Weiand Small Block Chevrolet, Chevy, Aluminum Intake Manifold Model 7546. This model is designed for square-bore carburetors in 1957 to 1986 with 262, 265, 267, 283, 302, 307, 327, 350 and 400 CID Small Block Chevrolet engines and 1987-91 SBC engines equipped with L98 aluminum Corvette cylinder heads, (non-EGR applications). It will also will work with almost any SBC engine equipped with aftermarket cylinder heads, as long as they have a standard port flange opening and bolt hole locations. The carburetor mounting pad is designed to accept all stock or aftermarket square-bore carburetors with manual or electric chokes. It is designed to accept most stock hardware, such as coolant and vacuum lines, coils, HEI distributors, and brackets. Please search the web for info on TracyVette and thanks for your interest!

Vehicle Applications:
1991 Chevrolet All Small Blocks  
1990 Chevrolet All Small Blocks  
1989 Chevrolet All Small Blocks  
1988 Chevrolet All Small Blocks  
1987 Chevrolet All Small Blocks  
1986 Chevrolet All Small Blocks  
1985 Chevrolet All Small Blocks  
1984 Chevrolet All Small Blocks  
1983 Chevrolet All Small Blocks  
1982 Chevrolet All Small Blocks  
1981 Chevrolet All Small Blocks  
1980 Chevrolet All Small Blocks  
1979 Chevrolet All Small Blocks  
1978 Chevrolet All Small Blocks  
1977 Chevrolet All Small Blocks  
1976 Chevrolet All Small Blocks  
1975 Chevrolet All Small Blocks  
1974 Chevrolet All Small Blocks  
1973 Chevrolet All Small Blocks  
1972 Chevrolet All Small Blocks  
1971 Chevrolet All Small Blocks  
1970 Chevrolet All Small Blocks  
1969 Chevrolet All Small Blocks  
1968 Chevrolet All Small Blocks  
1967 Chevrolet All Small Blocks  
1966 Chevrolet All Small Blocks  
1965 Chevrolet All Small Blocks  
1964 Chevrolet All Small Blocks  
1963 Chevrolet All Small Blocks  
1962 Chevrolet All Small Blocks  
1961 Chevrolet All Small Blocks  
1960 Chevrolet All Small Blocks  
1959 Chevrolet All Small Blocks  
1958 Chevrolet All Small Blocks  
1957 Chevrolet All Small Blocks  
1956 Chevrolet All Small Blocks  
1955 Chevrolet All Small Blocks  

Item #:1055
Condition:Aftermarket Replacement
Corvette Series:Not Corvette
C1 1953-1962
C2 1963-1967
C3 1968-1982
C4 1984-1996
Part Brand:Weiand
GM Group Number:3.265
Manufacturer Part #:7546
Casting Number:7546
Placement Details:On Top of Engine
Surface Finish:New
Manufactured In:United States
This Item is Currently Unavailable

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New Old Stock Discontinued Weiand Aluminum Intake Manifold model 7546 square-bore carburetors 1957 1986 262 265 283 302 307 327 350 400 CID Small Block Chevrolet engines Chevy Chevrolet C1 C2 C3 C4 C5 C6 Corvette NCRS Top Flight Bloomington Gold Tracy Performance Corvette Parts Roseville Detroit Michigan 48066 Sting Ray 283 302 327 348 350 396 402 409 427 454 502 Engine Transmission